Today is the final day of National Reading Month. What better way to end it than to list some of the best books for those wanting to get started it magic? Like our magic history recommendations from last week, iTricks will restrict our list to easily available books that you’ll have a good chance of finding in your local library or book store (so that means no complaints from you experienced guys about the lack of Tarbell’s or any other favorite).

Karl Fulves’ Self Working Series

There is a tendency among many to complete skip self working magic tricks. Maybe it is the belief that a self working trick must not be very good or only suitable for children or even that it will require an extraordinary amount of set up. Whatever the reason, it seems that these type of tricks are often passed over by beginners and experienced magicians alike. Trust us, though: there is gold in the Karl Fulves titles, which includes Self Working Card Tricks, Self Working Coin Magic, Self Working Number Magic and more. Best of all, Dover still publishes these books for less than $10.

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course In Magic by Mark Wilson with UF Grant, Larry Anderson and Walter Gibson

If ever there was a textbook for a Magic 101 class, it is Wilson’s Complete Course. It covers basic sleight of hand with cards and coins, cups and balls, illusions and much more. The book is well written with clear directions and plenty of illustrations. This book really does provide a strong foundation for the aspiring magician.

Modern Coin Magic by JB Bobo

If Wilson’s Complete Course is Magic 101, Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic is the 201 class for coin sleights. Dover offers a paperback version of the book for about $10. It is not the most complete of the versions available, but it is plenty for those new to coin magic.

The Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

We have given you textbooks for Magic 101 and 201 so it should come as no surprise that The Royal Road is Magic 202! It teaches the aspiring card magician the skills necessary to begin serious study. Yet another Dover title, the paperback is over 300 pages and can be found for $12 or less.

If you can not wait to get started, you can find all of these titles on Amazon and all of the Dover books mentioned are also available as ebooks from the Dover website.