Wes Barker has been getting a crazy amount of publicity lately. iTricks has been skipping more stories about him than we have been running. The way he is going, he just might be the break out magician of the year. Above is a TV interview appearance from last week with Wes, who is back home after shows in Australia.

Here is something pretty cool: The Lancashire Telegraph just ran a story on magician turned school teacher Ricky Reidy who offers the students at Darwen Vale High School in Blackburn magic lessons during their lunch breaks.

The New Zealand version of Stuff took a skeptical look at Uri Geller in an interview with the alleged psychic and spy before the documentary The Secret Life Of Uri Geller airs in the country.

Finally, a broken wand: The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel carried the obituary of Sylvester Adamski (88), who performed for years under the names of Silas and Si Adams. A World War II vet, Adamski was a member of both SAM and IBM and even penned the book Snappy Rope Patter.