iTricks is sending birthday wishes to Lance Burton, who turns 54 today. He actually shares his birthday with a whole slew of famous people, including Carrie Underwood, Olivia Wilde, Timbaland, Rick Rubin (all younger than him), Sharon Stone and Shannon Tweed (older than him). It is also Chuck Norris’s birthday… he is 74 and can beat up everyone else who has today as a birthday, even if they all came at him at once. Seriously, he is super bad; he had his own designer jeans made for high kicking. That is awesome.

But we digress. Simple fact is Lance Burton is also awesome. He has performed for millions of people, he has had four network specials, won the FISM Grand Prix in 1982, works with kid magician and is by all accounts is just an all around good guy. And as we are highlighting above, he was on Knight Rider.