It was probably easier to set yourself up as the go between the dead and their Earthbound loved ones before Houdini started messing it all up. Ever since then, magicians have made a hobby of busting up a perfectly good racket legitimate service. Now Derren Brown is upholding the tradition… This newly released clip shows Brown tearing holes in the “gifts” of medium Joe Powers.

  • HAL

    Sorry, but Derren Brown is another phony who uses methods that are NOT magic methods. One example was when he predicted the lottery drawing numbers live right after being drawn. One little screw-up gave it away.

  • Bah

    “Derren Brown [...] uses methods that are NOT magic…” Ya don’t say? That’s the entire point he is making. That these are con artists, and the dupes they take in should take a second look at where they are throwing away their money and time. And his “one little screw-up” certainly isn’t the only thing that gave it away… Him explaining the con was a major contribution as well.