Carlos Fortuna appeared at the recent TEDxBarcelona to speak on the nature of reality (we think). It is in Spanish (which is reasonable for a lecture given in Spain). I’ll admit that I was lost after “Me hombre is Carlos Fortuna,” but I bet a fair amount of the iTricks community speaks at least passable Spanish.

iTricks’ own Andrew Mayne is going international. His series Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne is about to be broadcast in the Philippines so our daily search for magic news keeps turning up stories like this one from Yahoo! News Philippines from the Manila Bulletin.

Finally, from the Weird Publicity Department comes the story of Jack Taperell. He was merely out walking near his home in Croydon when he came across a car engulfed in flames. The local fire department managed to put out the blaze but Jack’s picture was picked up by local media… and the story made sure to mention that he was a magician. You never know how you will make the news, so be ready!