We just got word from creator Rick Lax that Wizard Wars, an Iron Chef-esqe hour-long magic reality competition will debut on Syfy March 4th.

The series initially crossed our radar in the form of a viral video featuring a smaller scale version of the concept. Everything is dialed up to 11 for television, including a role for Penn & Teller as judges and some bold faced magic names performing. First, here is the official synopsis.

An original, hour-long special exploring how professional magicians
transform ordinary objects into jaw-dropping miracles. Two teams of
up-and-coming magicians are given four random items (e.g., bubble
wrap, fish tank, postcard, 2-liter soda bottle). As soon as they
create an original routine featuring each of the objects…they must
perform it before a live studio audience and panel of expert judges
led by legendary magic duo Penn & Teller.

The winning team of up-and-comers moves on to the Wizard War, in which
they go head-to-head against two of our Wizards, an elite group of
conjurors that includes two-time World Championship of Magic winner
Gregory Wilson, Wynn Resort resident magician Shimshi, YouTube
sensation Justin Flom, and Internationally-famous mentalist Angela
Funovits. If the up-and-comers defeat the Wizards, they walk away with
$10,000.00, and more importantly, the everlasting respect of their

And now, the rosters:

Wizards are Gregory Wilson, Justin Flom, Angela Funovitz and Shimshi.
Judges are Penn & Teller, Latimer and Christen Gerhart.
Contestants are Blake Vogt, Chris Funk, Landon Swank, and Marcus Eddie

Huge congrats to Lax as well as associate producer Justin Flom. They are two good guys who worked hard to make this happen, awesome to see that rewarded. The company behind American Ninja Warrior and Hell’s Kitchen is producing.

March 4th. Set your schedules accordingly.

  • Rick Lax

    Thanks, iTricks! We thinking you’re really going to like this…

  • jgfox

    Thanks for the great news. A Great Concept … should be successful.