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How does one start a world class magic collection, the likes of a Copperfield or Ken Klosterman? The long answer is you buy world class magic artifacts with great provenance. The short answer is you spent lots of money. Here is an opportunity to start a great magic collection of your own with a 20th century prop used by two famous magicians. 20th century equipment is not, of course, as rare or expensive as earlier items, but that just makes it a little more affordable (comparatively speaking… you will probably still spend lots of money).

The item that could become the cornerstone of your collection is a vanishing birdcage used by both Harry Blackstone and Harry Blackstone Jr., with a certificate of authenticity signed by Gay Blackstone. The vanishing birdcage was one of Harry Blackstone’s most famous effects, making this an important historical piece and the certificate from Gay Blackstone establishes that the prop was owned by the famous magicians, eliminating the need for laborious research to establish the piece’s place in history. If there was a Great Magic Collection Starter Kit, it would be a piece like this! It even comes in a handsome display case.

To start your world class magic collection, go to the ebay listing before January 31 and simply pick it up for the Buy It Now price of $1,500 with US free shipping. Do it now before this is snatched up by Copperfield or Klosterman!