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Let us start by saying that autographs can be a tricky business… if you did not actually see the item being signed you can not be sure that it is legitimate. Of course, there are handwriting experts that can be used to verify autographs with a reasonable amount of accuracy but most autographs have not gone through such an examination. If you have faith in your fellow man or just are up for a gamble, there is an interesting collection on ebay at the moment.

For a starting bid of $59.99 (plus $3 shipping), a lot is being offered with five magicians’ signatures. The listing only mentions PC Sorcar and Jay Marshall but a quick look at the included pictures seems to indicate the remaining three autographs are from Peter Pit, Slydini and Dai Vernon. The auction runs through January 2. If you would like to see pictures of all of the signatures or place a bid, visit the ebay listing.

Good luck!