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2014 should be a great year for magic.

Magic is coming off a big year and should only do better in 2014. There are several major television and film projects that will keep magic in public consciousness throughout the year.

2014 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the magic industry. 2013 was a truly great year with magic projects popping up on television, the stage and even the silver screen. It has been a while since there was so much magic news. Over the last few years there have been so few major magic projects that actually forgetting something at the end of the year would have been impossible. This year was so chocked full of magic that several great shows, such as Travel Channel’s Magic Outlaws and the live shows Nothing To Hide and Play Dead, were inadvertently left out of last week’s 2013 retrospective and I apologize. There were so many stories that there simply was not a noticeable hole left in the article. Best of all, signs indicate that 2014 should be even bigger. Magic is finally back in style.

The best part about magic being popular is that it will trickle down to everyone. Magic fans will get plenty of opportunity to see the top magicians on television or live shows as well as get the chance to see new performers. This popularity will keep magic on the minds of people looking for entertainment locally as well. Bookings should rise for magicians as people planning birthday parties, corporate events, weddings and other events will consider magic (possibly for the first time).

For magicians, the biggest event in 2014 is arguably the combined SAM and IBM convention in St. Louis. Not only will this be the national convention for magic’s premier organizations in North America, it will also be the North American championships for FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques). This means that the convention will select the acts representing North America in the FISM World Championships of Magic in 2015. In addition to the high standard of competition, the convention will feature a selection of Korean magicians, The Fat Brothers and German magicians. The combined convention is centrally located on a holiday weekend, so it should be easy for many to attend. All of this means that the 2014 SAM/IBM convention should see even more great magic and product releases than normal conventions.

Of course, the convention is a magicians only affair and most magicians will not even be able to attend. Luckily, the silver screen will continue to keep magic in the public eye. Although the sequel to Now You See Me will most probably not make it into theaters until 2015, it is scheduled to begin filming in the early part of 2014. Internationally, Dhoom 3 (which also features a magician as a bank robber) will continue its run and should get even more attention when released on home video later in the year. Smaller films, such as New Zealand’s Everything We Loved, will also bring magic to filmgoers throughout the year. These smaller releases include the horror movie Phantasmagoria, which features a Southern plantation once owned by a 19th century magician, and the documentary Magic, Magicians and the Movies which will get some attention because Scorsese, Woody Allen and JJ Abrams are among those featured.

There are also still reports that Warner Brother’s version of Mandrake the Magician will make it to the screen in late 2014. Given the rough journey the project has had so far, a Mandrake film finally appearing might be the greatest movie magic trick of all. Other magic related film projects still in development include The Stooge and adaptations of Carter Beats the Devil, The Houdini Box and Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Even if none of these films make it to theaters in 2014, the reports of their development will continue to keep magic in the entertainment news.

Television is the probably the most important media, despite the rise of the Internet, and magic is going to be well represented in 2014. America’s Got Talent has been a mixed blessing for magic over the years, but it has undeniably been a platform for a few magicians to enter the public eye. It will return in 2014 with the same panel of judges, probably the most magic friendly to date, as last year. Another returning face will be Justin Willman, who will continue to be seen on Cupcake Wars. He will also start hosting a Disney revival of the 1980s game show Win, Lose or Draw.

Also returning to television after a bit of a hiatus will be Masters Of Illusion. The show started back in 2000 on the PAX Network (now known as ION). It lasted only a single season but was revived on MyNetwork TV in 2009 for another single season. In 2012 several syndicated specials were released but in the summer of 2013 it was announced that the CW Network had picked up the series for a run starting sometime in 2014. When it does air, it will bring several top magicians into the homes of viewers each week. Both stage and street styles of magic will be included in the new series.

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne will be premiering in January of 2014 on the A&E Network. Its prank and revenge magic will vary greatly from the more traditional magic featured on Masters Of Illusion. Hopefully, this will help all audiences find their preferred style of magic on TV. A&E has a long history with magic, stretching back to documentaries on the history of magic and their first magic performance series, Mondo Magic with JB Benn and Chris Korn. Best of all, the network has prominently placed Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne spots on their highest rated show Duck Dynasty (which is one of the hottest shows on all of television).

Speaking of JB Benn, he is slated to star in his own Fox special, tentatively titled Unreal, at some point in 2014. Benn was seen earlier in 2013 on the Travel Channel show Magic Man (which may even continue into 2014… Travel Channel is not always the easiest network to follow). Another important special will be History Channel’s two part Houdini biopic starring Adrian Brody. The History Channel (which is owned by A&E) has had some success with this type of programming lately and will undoubtedly rebroadcast several Houdini and magic related shows in support of the film.

All of this activity on the big and small screen will generate an untold amount of publicity that, at least tangentially, keeps magic in the public eye. There will be entertainment news visits to sets, interviews with stars which include demonstrations of magic they have learned and more. There will also be many talk show appearances by magicians and local news segments on area magicians.

Despite the importance of all of the movie and television projects mentioned, magic is best enjoyed live. It seems that there may be a few big live shows in 2014. There are reports that the original line up of The Illusionists is heading to the United States (possibly Broadway). Criss Angel has also announced his own tour of the “world’s greatest magicians” titled WymZkal. Given the return of Masters Of Illusion to television, it is only natural to expect that the live tour connected with the show should have a big year. Of course, if magicians do well on America’s Got Talent then they will secure a spot on that live tour, too.

2014 is shaping up to be one of the best years in recent memory for magic and magicians. Given the number of television projects alone that include magic, the public profile of magic will be raised. Hopefully, the industry can turn this into continued success by generating interest in more live magic as well.