The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the good folks behind the Academy Awards) have enlaced Ricky Jay to host an upcoming presentation on magic and the origin of special effects. Titled “Like Magic,” the presentation will include film and stage illusion designer Michael Weber and effects supervisor Shane Mahan. The combination of film clips and live demonstrations is open to the public and will be held November 20 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. General admission tickets are only $5 and can be purchased at

Katy Perry let slip to MTV that her new tour stage show will include at least one magic trick. She says she will not be sawn in half, promising to do that later, but instead will “fly.”

Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum is famous for its collection of medical artifacts and oddities, many of which were at one time associated with side shows. (The safe for work Mütter Minute running above focuses on one of their historical pieces instead of pieces of brain or deformities… you’re welcome.) It recently hosted its first sleepover which included a seance conducted by magician Frances Menotti. No word yet on whether they will host another sleepover, but you can learn more about the museum at their website.