What started as a way to draw customers into a magic store has become one of the most talked-about magic productions this year: Messado Rings.

Messado used to perform the linking rings as a pitchman outside of Houdini’s Magic Shop in Atlantic City. Based off the work of Anthony Salazar and Chris Capehart — and later Shoot Ogawa and Masahiro Yanagida — he transformed the linking rings as we know them, infusing crowd interaction and powerful magic moments.

Best known for being a feature of stage or parlor magic, Messado has brought the rings directly to audience members. With clever handing, top-notch presentation and a signature style, Messado’s routine is a dazzling display of handling and showmanship. Linking and unlinking under increasingly impossible conditions, he also makes rings jump, spin and float in midair. He also puts the spectator in the middle of the magic, giving them a chance to inspect the rings and even hold on to them, so they can link them THEMSELVES.

Messado Rings debuted during 2013′s Magic Live convention, and quickly became the buzz — highlighted by an exclusive performance for David Copperfield. Messado Rings have been built to Messado’s exact specifications: They feature precision weighting for an exact center of gravity, a custom alloy and black finish, which means the rings will handle hundreds of clangs and spins a day. Instead of a cheap velvet bag, the Messado Rings are kept in an easy-to-transport, black clamshell case.

His training will prepare a beginner who has never handled a key ring, and will inspire the most skilled manipulators. Every detail, from basic links to the challenging centrifugal spins and other flourishes are taught with clarity by Messado, who shares everything he’s learned about the rings and how to make them magic.

Messado Rings will make you a ringmaster. Available only from Ellusionist.com.