Harry Houdini passed away 87 years ago on Halloween of 1926. Sometimes Houdini is downplayed among modern magicians… you will hear that he was more of an escape artist, he was not much of a magician or that he built himself up mainly at the expense of others. You will hear that most of what people know of him is not fact but the fictions of a popular movie. We at iTricks obviously did not know Houdini so we do not know if any of those statements are true or fair but it does not matter. The fact is that Harry Houdini is a legend; this is not hyperbole, either. Harry Houdini is truly a legend. Almost nine decades after his death, his name is still known worldwide. Magicians today are still held up against the benchmark of Houdini. As you read this, there is a major television project and a Broadway musical being planned to celebrate his life.

Houdini may have been all thunder with little lightning. He may have lacked as a showman. He may have had a funny voice, but there was something very special about Harry Houdini. He personified the American dream. Houdini struck a chord with the masses that elevated him beyond celebrity and for that he still deserves the respect of magicians and magic fans.

You can learn more about the man was and is arguably the world’s most famous magician over at John Cox’s blog WildAboutHoudini.com or by picking up a copy of William Kalush’s The Secret Life of Harry Houdini or Jim Steinmeyer’s Hiding the Elephant.