Dynamo _levitates_ beside London bus - but how does he do it? | UK news | guardian.co.uk.jpg

Sure, it’s a big PR opportunity for Dynamo and his new endorsement deal for Pepsi Max. But we’ll be gosh darned if it didn’t get the magician in the papers yet again. Check out these photos of Dynamo levitating alongside the big red public transit vehicle in London.

Also #LiveForNow. As opposed to #LiveForLater, I suppose.

  • HAL

    Not hard to figure out.

  • Greg Dodds

    Do you know what is hard to figure out? how to get Pepsi to pay you a metric crap ton of money to perform magic. Congrats Dynamo I wish I could figure that one out.

  • HAL

    Check out the Xfinity Comcast homepage. A female newscaster figured this one out. It’s so easy to spot.