Menny Lindenfeld shares his top secrets on this amazing DVD with fresh ideas, NEW techniques and innovated methods to create highly visual, HARDCORE metal bending MIRACLES on… METALISM Episode 1: Self Bending Paperclip.


Self-Bending Paperclip comes with EVERYTHING you need to perform this incredible effect right OUT OF THE BOX. Includes DVD instruction and ALL gimmicks.

· NO magnets.

· NO memory metal.

· So super EASY to learn and prepare.

This will be the start of an ongoing series that you WILL NOT want to miss!


Episode | 01
Self Bending Paperclip:

In the 1st episode of METALISM – The Self Bending Paperclip – magic inventor, Menny Lindenfeld, teaches you two methods (gimmick and impromptu versions) to perform a powerful and highly visual metal bending effect with an easy-to-find object, a paperclip! Learn to fully control bend timing, pace and shape, while causing the paperclip to impossibly bend by itself.

Original Concept.

Highly visual effect.
Only 30 seconds to prepare.
Easy to master and perform
Fully controlled bend timing, pace and shape.
No freezing or heating.
Packs small and plays big.
Compatible with all common paperclip sizes.
DVD + Gimmick included