Penn Jillette fell short to Trace Adkins last night but no surge of Swirtle sales could have helped the magician. The larger, louder half of Penn and Teller sold more of the Walgreens ice cream than his country star counterpart, but Jillette lost this final frame long before he even bellied up to the boardroom table this season.

Trump made sure to let him know that this essay, published in his most recent book Every Day is an Atheist Holiday sealed his fate. In it he skewered the show, decimated other contestants and spared no venom for Trump himself.

Jillette had long since moderated his opinion and the air had theoretically been cleared between him and Trump. But as time ticked down during the live All-Star Celebrity Apprentice finale with the choice between Penn and Adkins so close, Trump made sure to bring up Penn’s unkind words seconds before he choose Trace.

It’s the kind of trademark lack of subtlety pioneered by a man who builds gilded skyscrapers where you can find his name laser etched on the underside of mirror reflective toilet seat covers.

Trump: Penn you said some bad things about me the last time you got fired. You were nice enough to write a letter but you attacked me in a lot of ways. You even attacked my hair.

Penn: In a funny way.

Trump: But you did say it was real. Okay, do you regret that?

Penn: No, I don’t regret telling the truth but my mind has changed. I did not know my first time on the show that it was honest. I thought this was a second chance, I think you can say that since the second season started I’ve been polite and energetic and nothing but Pro-The Show. My team won the more my ideas were used.

Trump: And the letter you wrote me was from the heart?

Penn: Completely sincere.

Don’t worry, Penn raised a boatload for his Opportunity Village charity and ticket sales for P&T are up 30% compared to last year.

The question is, now that everything is over and a third spin on the show (which may or may not be renewed, and garnered a series-low finale rating) unlikely: what will Penn say now?