skitched-20130514-140725.jpgYesterday, I posted a Keith Barry routine that seemed a bit close to the line between mentalism routine and “psychic demonstration”. Although Keith made a point at the end to mention that he was claiming no supernatural powers, the routine still left me feeling a bit weird.

After emailing Keith for comment, he responded with the following:

My current show is called THEDARKSIDE and explores The Occult/Voodoo/Ouiija boards/Psychics/etc……… I am clear that I do not claim any paranormal powers when performing these demonstrations. Both women were delighted to be part of the show and are very happy to have been part of the performance. Normally the piece on tv would take a 30min chunk in my live show – I was given 12 mins so hence a lot of what I would normally do and say I had to cut. Suffice to say that anyone who comes to my live shows are clear when leaving that THEDARKSIDE is all an illusion.

Glad to hear it. Editing down a routine designed to pull as much emotion as Barry does has to be a tricky process. I still wonder if the participants left thinking he was the genuine article, but then again, you can’t really hold that against Barry if they did think he had “the gift”.