Tony Wonder Doug Henning.jpg

Without spoiling much of the new episodes of Arrested Development, I bring you this moment between GOB’s magic rival Tony Wonder (played by Ben Stiller) and the oft-forgotten Anne (her?).

Tony: Why do you think David Geffen pretends to be gay? You think the Shubert Organization would entrust Dream Girls to a straight producer?

Anne: Why do you know so much about Dream Girls?

Tony: Because it’s my business to know about Dream Girls. And if you wanted to be in film version of a musical called The Magic Show done in 1974 by another secretly straight guy named Doug Henning you’d make it your business too. They can’t give everything to Doogie Howser, biggest fake gay there is, by the way.

All 15 episodes of AD are available now on Netflix. Also, Doug Henning was straight. And Neil Patrick Harris is gay. Right?