An honest liar is often what magicians refer to themselves as for good reason. The person on the other end of the trick is asking to be fooled after all.

The line is even more important in mentalism when the techniques can (and are) easily used by those with less scrupulous ethics. Keith Barry has loudly been on the right side of this line, even going so far as to bust an Irish television psychic last year.

But we stumbled upon this performance of his on RTE this weekend. It’s a pretty straight forward medium routine wherein two women are made to believe that the ghosts of dead relatives are with them. Barry uses off-the-rack methods to good effect and does add the caveat of saying that he doesn’t have supernatural powers at the end.

But it still feels a bit… icky. Or at least it does to me.

Granted, this is only clip of Barry’s performance we’ve seen and for all I know the next segment he could have broken down exactly how he came by the information he sprung on the women. But this clip by itself seemed a bit weird for guy whose always done right by the honest prefix in the term honest liar.