Maybe a change of scenery can bring a little luck to the Criss Angel BeLIEve crew.

CA will head to Florida for an demonstration entitled: Trapeze Alligator Escape. It is described thusly:

Criss will be shackled over an alligator swamp with more than 250 vicious alligators circling below. He will be covered in blood and chum and locked in a stockade device that no other magician has ever successfully escaped. If Criss cannot escape, he will be eaten alive. Criss will have to escape the locks that hold his neck and hands in the stockade which will cause him to fall closer to the alligators. He will then have to free his ankles before a hungry gator gets to him.

The stunt takes place Tuesday at 1 p.m. and is free to the public. You’ll have to head down to the Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead.

  • HAL

    I guess the call is out for alligator stooges. How much more ridiculous can these stunts get? No magician has ever escaped this before? Any bets the rig will fall 2 seconds after he escapes? Proving again he;s the greatest magician..After the past 2 failures, I don;t think so. “The screw-up is mightier than the sword”. More BS from the master of BS.
    What’s stopping someone from taping this and putting it on youtube, leaving little mystery for the Spike show, as they did with the sword farce? What happened with the blindfold extravaganza?

  • Karina Molnár

    I think this is really dangerious demonstration! Why not make with snakes this is littlebit better then alligators..I dont think this great idea!!!Fans wannabe be a life Criss.Not died criss!Why he no be acrobat artist in the air like Hudini?This is new idea criss angel acrobat. Or juggler with fireball candles and cardtricks!?!Protect your life Criss!Good luck for this trick!Have nice day!

  • HAL

    When was the last time a magician was killed doing these stunts?
    There’s really no danger, it’s a TRICK.
    In this case, he wasn’t really covered in blood, it was ketchup, the handcuffs were from the .99 cent store, and the alligators were midgets in Halloween costumes. The only thing that will kill Criss is if he ever does an original trick. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Karina Molnár

    Hal you are illuzionist?Make you this trick and say about this!but Criss is really talented magician. The illusion make a magician better in fans eyes. I believe he make good this trick, with real magical moments and this is really dangerious … yes this trick have secrets but this secret make original and blind in trick.. fans say oh…the next crocodile dandy!

  • HAL

    Sorry to disagree with you Karina, Criss is NOT a talented “MAGICIAN”. If he was, he wouldn’t have had to use the phony methods on Mindfake. What he did was not magic. He’s shown time and time again that he can’t do live TV, he screws up every time. As I said, these tricks aren’t really dangerous, they just make it look that way.

    When I started posting here a couple of years ago with negative things about Criss, people hated me. I think now people are realizing what a phony he is, there are many more negative posts from others. Eventually the truth comes out..HE is truly a disgrace to honest magicians doing real illusions, who respect magic as an art, and not something you can get technology to do for you on TV. I’ll be really surprised if he can come up with enough to put this Spike show on when scheduled..he better find some better people to get his act together, so far, he’s a total failure.

  • JustinRYoung

    I’d be blown away if he doesn’t deliver on schedule. Criss is a professional and a hard worker. —
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  • HAL

    I agree, he may be a hard worker. But please tell me how a professional can screw-up so much, any why he can’t perform on TV as you would see it live. I don’t think you can honestly deny that what I’ve said all along about Mindfreak isn’t true. To make the schedule, he will have to resort to another Mindfreak farce. He can’t possibly do that many honest tricks in the time left. I’m still rolling on the floor about the cat littler.

  • Michael L.

    Joseph Burrus (I may have spelled that wrong)… I want to say Halloween of ’90 or ’91 died after a failed buried alive stunt. That’s the last US death I remember and it wasn’t with animals. Animals can be a wild card; Roy Horn thankfully didn’t die but he serves as a reminder of some very real dangers.

  • HAL

    I have to assume Joseph wasn’t using cat litter? But seriously, if Criss Angel ever dies, the cause of death will be listed as ‘computer accident’. He can’t even complete the tricks. I love the excuse he gave when the sword wouldn’t fall till the third attempt….”People don’t understand how TV works”. Some of us who aren’t ‘Loyals’, aren’t total morons. It’s hard to find words to describe how bad he really is.