According to screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein in a previous incarnation of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, there was one well known magic heel who was set to cameo.

Val Valentino, the Masked Magician.

With all the rewriting, a few of Daley and Goldstein’s ideas didn’t make the cut — namely, a cameo from the infamous Masked Magician. Illusionist Val Valentino went incognito for a series of Fox TV specials that pulled the curtain back on magic’s biggest tricks. Daley was actually a fan. “It was a gimmick, but I actually enjoyed watching the show,” Daley says. “I wanted to see the magic revealed. At one point it was a plot point in one of our 12 or 13 drafts of Burt. But we wanted to focus on the rivalry of the two.”

Very curious to see what the plot could have been. Although an argument over exposure in the magic community might be impossible to translate into a mainstream movie without the audiences eyes glazing over.

  • HAL

    Anybody know what Valentino is doing today?

  • christopher lyle

    My guess is having sex with a few hookers on that fat pile of cash he made from his Fox Specials!

  • Steve Chezaday

    There’s no reason we should give this moron the time of day … let him fade away into oblivion once and for all!

  • HAL

    In his defense, they did say at the beginning of each show, ‘if you don’t want to know the secrets, don’t watch. Why is it OK to buy a “Magic Kit” from a magician advertising on TV, claiming it’s ‘teaching’ rather than exposing, making a bundle of money, but so bad exposing on TV for “Free”? It’s all who you are and the ability to hand out BS.

  • bullydefender

    If you charge to give magic lessons or sell kits to people interested in becoming magicians, it’s called “instruction.” If you give secrets away for free to the curious, it’s called “exposing.” And no, I’m not surprised an idiot like you didn’t know that, HAL! It just proves you’re a fool and not a magician, so stop coming on here and trying to act like an authority on magic. And take your bro-mance for Criss Angel away with you too, creep! .

  • HAL

    @google-9580f053fba8c6fb14be39bfc59f58eb:disqus Well Mr. Genius, think about what you’re saying here, and see who’s the idiot? Angel has sold how many thousands of these “SO CALLED” instruction Magic Kits. I think the box says, ‘made in China’ (could be wrong). Either way, he’s made a bundle of money “INSTRUCTING” how to do tricks that he had nothing to do with creating. He simply puts his picture on the box, and they become ‘Criss Angel’ magic kits. If this kit contained only his creations, it would be in the .99 cent store.

    As for your other brilliant claim…Let’s say he’s sold 100,000 kits. How many of these buyers are going to become even amateur magicians, maybe less than 1 percent? With your theory, everybody and their Mother would be magicians. As usual, his claims are total BS…He’s the biggest liar on the planet. It’s a toss up what he loves most, himself, or the green stuff in his bank account. And I suspect, you’re just another gullible fan who believes he’s done anything for magic.