The ORIGINATOR of the Floating 3 Fly. Matthew Wright is sharing his full performance and instruction, in the product Final Destination.

Final Destination
· Openly show only 3 coins throughout the routine.

· See what has won him countless awards including TWO FISM awards.

A major hit at Blackpool, the Fourseen Wallet is a MUST HAVE!

The first wallet to offer:
· Simultaneous multi-peek feature. Peek FOUR SEPARATE pieces of information on FOUR separate business cards in FOUR separate places on the wallet.

· Palmed card/billet to wallet.

· Instantly stealing out a card/business card from one wallet and with no sleights, palming or funny moves, loading it directly into an envelope sealed inside a fastened sleeve inside a separate wallet. The possibilities for this (which I call the Reverse Mullica Move) could change wallet magic forever.