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In the game of morning show ratings you either live or you die. And so, with NBC’s Today Show experiencing a slump (sinking below local morning shows in the New York City market) it’s turning to a David Copperfield to revive some Nielson magic.

Copperfield will appear on the show for the next three Mondays in March. His first scheduled appearance made headlines for the wrong reasons, after his private plane from Las Vegas to Manhattan was forced to make an emergency landing.

It’s a great sign for DC that he’s looked upon as a solution to Today’s numbers problem, and if he’s able to provide relief, it’ll be even better.

  • HAL

    They also had a big problem with the audio part of the interview. Get with it NBC. Seems like Leno is the only top show they have. Now they’re talking about replacing him with Fallon. Didn’t they make this mistake already with boring Conan? They never learn.