David Copperfield is set to be a reoccurring guest host on NBC’s Today Show over the next few weeks. But the debut got off to a perilous start.

On a flight from Las Vegas to New York City the legendary magician heard a loud noise before the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Peoria, Illinois. Being the constant professional, he still made his appearance via Skype and even recorded an illusion to have played on the show.

We are very glad to hear that DC (and what looks to be Chris Kenner in the illusion video) are safe. What a pulse pounding way to start a week.

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  • Michael S

    Garbage pals in the middle of nowhere… Really – is this fooling anyone? Perspective Your insulting the Clock sucker…

  • HAL

    @44d1657fd58d2515fb9b63b3011041c2:disqus The plane was never in any trouble, it was all CGI. Please…The Clock Sucker is rarely fooled. Can’t lose Copperfield, fake magicians are another story. Didn’t know about the Today Show, thanks for the info..will record it.