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What makes someone a magician? Let me clarify this even further, what is the lowest possible requirement that has to be met for you to feel good about someone being entrusted with ANY magic secret?

We are talking children here. Do they need to be fascinated by a trick and then ask how it’s done? Do they need to save up enough money to buy a trick from an online shop or Amazon? Do they need to borrow a book or video from a friend? Or a library?

The goal here is to gather input on what the line is between teaching and exposure. With the recent magic kerfuffle over Brian Brushwood’s Invisible Deck episode of Scam School this is something that I am curious to hear your opinions on.

I am not saying that Brian’s video was any magic secret, but we can work up from there once we understand the baseline.

I’ll start: I believe that any inclination to find out how a magic trick works makes you a worthy of magic knowledge. Any interest in method, at all, full stop. It’s the cardinal difference between my friends inside and outside of the industry. Magicians care about methods, outsiders might be fascinated by tricks, but they really don’t care beyond a perfunctory “how did you do that?” wonder squeak.

If you care. You are special. You have an interest. And my hypothesis is that interest will make you more inclined to take care of that secret and build relationships from it than degrade it.

In that sense, I am not a magician. In the six years I’ve written on this site I’ve had far more secrets told to me by magicians than I’ve ever sought out. The performance fascinates me, the social dynamics fascinate me and the state of the industry fascinates me. That’s what draws me to this subject.

Explanations of methods are wasted on me. I don’t care enough to remember the specifics half the time and even if I do, I assume there are a many ways to skin a cat and would very, very rarely have enough confidence to declare how something is being done while it was performed. In fact, performances that overly go out of their way to disprove a method tend to bore me.

But this is about you, what is a magician?