UPDATE: Derren says this report is “total rubbish

derren brown gay straight .jpg

Man, this one seems like a parody. But according to The Sun, it’s the real deal.

Derren Brown will use the same techniques he’s used to convince unwitting volunteers they are killers, dead, zombie survivors and disaster heroes to… turn a straight person gay. And conversely, turn a gay person straight.

It will surely invite plenty of controversy as it taps into the highly charged discussion of the nature of sexual preference. With such brouhaha will likely come the closest scrutiny on Derren’s methods as those who don’t agree with the premise of the program will no doubt seek to debunk it.

No matter what, Derren certainly seems primed for a big 2013.

  • svchost

    The only people who will be convinced are those who want to be convinced, as is that case with all of these silly things.

  • HAL

    Can I volunteer for this show? If anybody could make me gay, I’ll believe anything. How many stupid ideas can this guy come up with, and how many morons can fall for this nonsense? He becomes more of a joke with each show. I think the way to prove the guy turns gay would be to have sex with Derren.