A borrowed ring rises off your outstretched hand to hover in mid-air. You then visibly push the ring – still hovering – across your palm. Your spectator can now reach out and pluck the ring from mid-air, leaving them no explanation for the miracle that just happened.

That’s just one of the SIX full routines you’ll learn that you’ll be performing minutes after watching this DVD, as this set contains everything you need to perform, impromptu, right out of the box.

“This effect is so good, it hurts!” — Gregory Wilson

Forget everything you know about invisible thread. The effects taught on this DVD are simply not possible with IT – but noone told that to Damien Savina, the French Magician being heralded as the new King of the Invisible.

• Vanish and Reappear a borrowed ring under Impossible conditions
• Perform three-fly where the final coin visibly flies from your hand
• Levitate borrowed objects at the fingertips
• Learn 3 Incredible Haunted Pack routines
• Move hovering objects with the push of a finger
• Shoot a selected card out of the deck

Leaving conventional hookups and limitations in the past, Damien has created a set of effects that will permanently burn themselves on the minds of your spectators.

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