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Created for total beginners and seasoned experts, his new ‘Inside
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Due to overwhelming demand, Jay and his team are extending the offer of a
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Sankey says, “I’ve been having a blast with ‘Caffiend.’ It’s an insanely
visual effect with -what looks like- a generic loyalty card from a coffee
shop. You do something absolutely impossible and then immediately hand
out the card to be examined. And ‘Changeling’ is an extremely sneaky
principle you can use to make written words and small drawings
mysteriously appear, disappear, even transform. It works with indelible ink
from an ordinary Sharpie marker, and I’ve used it on dollar bills, playing
cards and business cards to change predictions and reveal selected cards.”
‘Caffiend’ and ‘Changelng’ both include custom-made gimmicks and are
included FREE in the $75.00 gift pack.

For a limited time, Jay is also giving a $25 Sankey Magic Gift Certificate
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