derren brown gay rumor.jpg

We know it was a rumor.

We know that The Sun is not a reputable paper and has consistently misreported facts surrounding Derren Brown.

We know that Derren Brown is not going to attempt to turn a gay man straight and a straight man gay.

But what this post presupposes is… what if he did?

Let’s say this was a real announcement. Let’s say that Channel 4 confirmed it. Let’s say Derren Brown’s new special “Preference Optional” (working title) is set to transmit in 3 months time.

My initial reaction is that it would be a little too “on the nose”. These kind of issues come with politics that many time cannot be pleased. Beyond the fact that the scrutiny on the special would be beyond anything Brown has seen since the Russian Roulette stunt.

No one has a real stake in the fate of a man who believes zombies are attacking society. But there are PLENTY of people on all sides of the issue that want to know if Derren can REALLY adjust the sexual desires of a volunteer.

But then again, maybe that’s why it could work. The hype surrounding it could be bigger than anything he’s done. The rating would be monstrous. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about.