Want to get somebody’s contact information but you don’t know how without it being weird?

· Have you ever given someone your contact information… and waited by the phone for a call that never came?

· Ever wanted to do mentalism but it just didn’t seem to fit your personality?

Check out the Ultimate Networking Tool by Jeff Kaylor and Anton James.

What is the Ultimate Networking Tool? It’s a way to make a lasting impression with someone you just met. It’s a way to share your contact information with a potential client using an organic piece of mentalism. Finally, it is a way to always be prepared to interact with new people.

You receive a small peek wallet, and some “reverse” business cards—forms that new friends can fill out to stay in touch. You also receive a DVD that explains routines, strategies, and ideas on The Ultimate Networking Tool. Use these tools to predict people’s contact information, a thought-of word, or anything else you like.

Finally, a practical, natural way to interact with a stranger and make a lasting impression!

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