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Criss Angel has a big announcement this month. This is the cryptic message being broadcast from his Twitter account. As we round the halfway point of January, we can’t help but wonder what CA has up his sleeve.

But let’s indulge in a little Kremlinology, shall we. Both tweets have been accompanied by pictures of Angel onstage during Believe. Could it be an extension for the Luxor show? Possibly a reworking of Angel’s contract to allow for a tour outside of Vegas? Either way, it seems like the hints lead to something related to Criss’ live performance career.

But who knows? It could be something way out in left field. We can only wait and see. Perhaps he’ll drop a few hints during his Loyal Saturday broadcast this weekend?

  • SNOW

    I do know that Cirque is currently in the midst of major layoffs from what I’ve heard in the news just yesterday. Maybe this has freed him up to do a live travelling show.

  • MagicGirl

    Extension?! Has anyone been to his show. It is two thirds empty!!!

  • HAL

    @ea70604e5ac4454f8c1252cc23a0e0bf:disqus Gee, the theater looks packed, maybe it’s CGI? He probably calls it one third full. Quitting magic would be a good announcement. And Snow old friend, how could they “LAY OFF” the biggest star in Vegas? Hopefully Circue is finally waking up. Criss Angel, now the Lance Armstrong of magic.

  • Banester

    LOL, camera tricks on the road. Should be interesting, or is he going to perform “pick any card” tricks.

  • HAL

    @92b069f97110942c484ec4664bccdcf9:disqus No BS, “I won’t do a demonstration unless I can do it live” Criss uses camera tricks?

  • SwishMashUp

    The only A+ rated magic show in Vegas! -BBC, Voted Best Magician In Vegas By -Review Journal Best Of Vegas, Entertainer Of The Year 2012 -Gaming Today, The BEST! -Oprah, The Best Magic Show In The World -Lance Burton, The Greatest Illusionist In The World – Jay Leno, The Best selling Magic Show -Extra and on and on…The tide raises all ships… So applaud success it helps us all – even you non working envious magicians…

  • SNOW

    @Hal I still think a travelling show would work for him minus Cirque. Though it would cost a tonne to put a large show like that on the road I’m sure. But, I mean if musicians can do it…

  • HAL

    @SNOW: If his Vegas show is as bad as the reviews indicate, what would make a traveling show any better? He’d just SUCK in a different location. He’s shown over and over that he can’t do live what he did on Mindfake (I think we all know why). Musicians do it because they perform LIVE (Lip-syncs usually get caught, and people don’t want to pay for that). If I could get away with playing with an Eric Clapton sound track, I’d be a lot richer today. This big announcement is just another Angel attention getter, it’s the same old BS he’s famous for, all talk before the disappointment. Might be time for Circue to admit they made a big mistake. And SWISH: I don’t think magicians envy Angel. They know what he is. Best magician, Lance Burton, just happens to be a friend. Everybody’s great on Oprah and Leno. What would they say? “Here he is folks, the worst magician? Read the reviews from people seeing the show, compare to Copperfield and P&T.

  • SNOW

    lol…”He’d just suck i n a different location”. You always crack me up Hal. Thank you for all the times you’ve made me laugh. Yes, Mindfreak was Mindfake, but that’s TV magic. Even Copperfield did it and don’t deny it or I”ll pull out that Flying in the Grand Canyon video lol. I still think Angel should tour with his show minus Cirque. I’ve never supported the combination of magic and Cirque. They just seem to um…how do I say…’compete for attention’ on the same stage imo. Who exactly is the star here? Cirque or Angel? Never mind…don’t answer that ;-) …I’ve read your mind lol.