Justin Flom Amazes Ellen And You At Home | Magician Levi Sparkx.jpg

My favorite thing about Ellen Degenerous and her reaction to magic is the look she gives right after the magic moment. Blank. But highly suspicious. Sometimes she even looks right off camera, as if this is a sting operation by a secret order pledged to irradiate true sorcery.

It’s that look, for which we’ve placed for you above, that Justin Flom earned on today’s show.

There is another interactive bit that we will post later once it’s up.

  • Andrew Martin

    The Oreo trick is my friend’s Dorian. I think he came up with it in 1989.

  • http://www.facebook.com/smappdooda Bizzaro Galore

    Dorian created the Egg in Oreo effect which is similar but not quite far as I know.

  • Christopher Lyle

    The oreo trick is called Double Stuffed and was created by Bizzaro…