Alex Belfield is a British radio presenter with a great rolodex when it comes to Las Vegas interviews. He sat down with both David Copperfield and Criss Angel to discuss their careers and current shows in Sin City.

Parts two and three of the CA interview are AFTER THE JUMP…

  • HAL

    Never heard of Alex Belfield, is he by chance Robin Leach’ brother? Was glad he said Copperfield is the most famous magician.

    But, as usual, a few questions about the great Criss Angel..If I may?
    Criss claimed to have the best selling show in Vegas. However, the reviews, even up to a few days ago seem to disagree. He talks about Dynamo stealing his tricks, wasn’t he many times accused of stealing tricks, like the chained to van escape?
    Correct me if I’m wrong. I remember him changing a motorcycle into 3 girls, Copperfield did the same thing with 2 girls, guess that changes the whole thing.
    Now he talks about some TV deal. Let’s hope it’s not another Implosion joke, although I wouldn’t be surprised. Can’t wait for this.

    Another small item: He says, “Have your pets spayed AND neutered”. Bob Barker used to say that on “The Price is Right”. Drew Carey corrected it saying, “Have your pets spayed OR neutered. I pity the poor dog who gets both?

  • JustinRYoung

    Pets spayed and neutered is actually correct since he’s referring to multiple pets of unknown genders

  • HAL

    @JustinRYoung:disqus I think we both have a point. I’m sure some in the audience have only one pet. How bout birth control pills?