Criss Angel’s big announcement is… he’s back on TV.

Or at least he will be this fall on Spike TV when his new series begins. It is described as:

Over the hourlong episodes, Angel will attempt new “demonstrations” never attempted by any mystifier in history. What’s more, he’ll also for the first time reveal the creative process behind the magic, letting the audience in to the “think tank” where his team prepares for some of his trademark illusions.

Each themed episode will focus on “mind-blowing magic, the supernatural, death-defying escapes and astonishing physical stunts that will challenge the very laws of nature” and feature a glimpse into Angel’s life, and the characters and celebrity guests who surround him.

Each episode will be an hour long. More on this as it develops.

  • HAL

    O’h thrills. And the BS returns. Do you really believe these “DEMONSTRATIONS” will be any different than his “Mindfake demonstrations”? I’m sure he won’t reveal the “TRUE” creative process. My Impossible dream would be iTricks revealing the truth behind this King of BS?

    Two days ago, I receive an e-mail from Criss. Somehow he thinks I’m a Loyal. He’s asking Loyals to vote for him as ‘Best magician in Vegas’. Please. Considering Copperfield continues to be #2 and #3 on the Vegas Top Ten, everybody isn’t stupid.

  • TPAGirl

    So should we expect a casting call for bad stooges, and people that can fake amazement. Sign me up!

  • HAL

    At TPAGirl:: This article ‘alone’ shows how ridiculous he can be. Just think about it with a little common sense.
    “Demonstrations never performed by any mystifier”? Has he ever mystified anybody on Mindfake? Implosion was revealed by FOX news an hour after the broadcast. His phony tricks are all over youtube.

    “Think Tank” It doesn’t take much thought to figure out these nonsense demonstrations.
    “An hour show”? That’s air time. Remember Mindfake…20% commercials, 30% clutter with family telling how great he is, and maybe 10% of the great demos. I suspect most of the stooges don’t even get paid, they’re just Loyals, glad to honor the King.

  • Andrew Mayne

    I’m looking forward to this. Nobody knows more about magic on television than Criss and his team. I think they’re going to surprise us.