We’ve made no secret about our love for The Amazing Randi. The publisher of this site, Andrew Mayne, worked with the man himself and his foundation specifically administering the famous Million Dollar Challenge to anyone who can prove supernatural phenomenon or psychic powers under scientific conditions. I, Justin, met Andrew when he created a critical thinking club funded by the JREF and later became the foundations’s first intern. We even did a little podcast with Randi dedicated to his insane stories and behind the scenes commentary.

Saying that, we recommend you take a look at this Kickstarter which hopes to complete a documentary about Randi entitled An Honest Liar.

Not only does it delve into Randi’s history as a magician and debunker but also more recent legal troubles Randi has faced after his partner Jose was charged with identity fraud and now faces jail time.

It’s a compelling story that boasts massive access to Randi as well as interviews with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Penn Jillette, Teller and many more.

They’ve raised roughly a third of their goal at the time we’re writing this and have 28 days to go.