Very good news coming from Wayne Houchin. The man who dumped flaming cologne on his head resulting in serious first-degree burns has been brought into custody in Santo Domingo. Franklin Barazarte had previously left the Dominican Republic after the incident. He was interviewed by several outlets, he said he was there on unrelated business.

I can only hope this is one step closer to justice for Wayne. After his life and career were threatened in such a sudden, serious way it’s the least he deserves.

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  • HAL

    Maybe Wayne could set this Bozo on fire?

  • Guest

    Nah, Wayne has too much class. Wayne should have his former employer, Criss Angel do it for him.

  • HAL

    @8c0cb4875ae96d848d05d69963697966:disqus He worked for Criss Angel? Now I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. Not too bright, under paid, desperate for a job. Guess he couldn’t get any of Criss’ tricks right, why should this be any different?

  • guest

    Are you kidding Hal?? Wake up to reality you douche!! Houchin made so much more money than he could imagine from CA royalties from quarter through soda can than on his own. He was/is an unknown to most and made much more money from CA selling the Coin Thru Soda Can dvd.than he could dream of on his own at the time. He still is irrelevant in the public eye compared to CA.

  • JustinRYoung

    Alright, both sides have been heard, this is going to be the end of the Angel comments in this thread.

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