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Hard to think that there was ever a time David Copperfield wasn’t wanted on the Vegas Strip. As a long-time staple of LV’s current magic vanguard, Copperfield reflected on when no one would give him a chance. Even after he’d been on national television several times.

“I couldn’t break into Vegas,” he recalled in a recent interview. “I was already on network TV but for some reason I couldn’t get in — I mean, Tom Jones didn’t want me as an opening act. I just couldn’t break in.”

So what changed?

Bill Cosby. The comic legend allowed him to co-headline some dates. Copperfield got a chance to prove his drawing power with continued dominance on televison and the rest is glittering Vegas history.

  • Dominic Reyes

    Great post! Just goes to show, you never can tell where your magic will take you, and no matter how successful you are, another big break could be waiting for you down the line.