Never one to cover in the face of adversity, Penn Jillette finds himself on the Wendy Williams Hot Talk panel discussing gun control. It becomes very clear, very early that his opinion is shared with Williams or either of the two panelists or the rabid audience.

  • SNOW

    1) Call of Duty is not art; it’s a money machine. Games are designed by people as a majority that are young and do not have or understand the impact and influence that violence can have on a developing mind. Gaming is a money making business. My rule on gaming is this: No games allowed that make a game out of killing people that aren’t fictional characters such as aliens and comic characters. 2) The US needs to look north to their little brother for example on gun control. If you need a gun in your home to defend yourself, then you should be working on that and not supplying everyone with access to guns to solve the problem. The police are paid to protect you. The answer lies in more police, tougher crime laws and no guns in the hands of the public. 3) Penn is a magician, not a role model – don’t confuse the two.

  • BrendoneC

    Penn is an opinionated and educated speaker. He brings up facts.
    1) Games are art even if they are low on the artistic totem pole.
    2) Gun Control is an easy answer but not the ONLY answer.
    3) Penn is actually a juggler,

  • HAL

    @DVCPRO:disqus The solutions to all these problems will never be solved because of so many myths that we are forced to live by. “Examples”: This ridiculous piece of paper called the “Constitution’ actually means anything. We have the freedom of speech, but you get fired for expressing it. Politicians are worth anything. This two party system of electing this crook or that crook. That we have any kind of justice, it all depends on who you are. We give this stupid Government our earned money, yet it’s a “privilege’ to vote for who steals it from you. And we’re brainwashed to believe, “if you don’t like it here, go somewhere else”. I hate to think of what it will be for our children and grand-children.

  • SNOW

    I’m not going to claim to know more about American politics than an American, but, it appears at least from the other side of the pond, that Obama is a good politician and is genuinely trying to solve huge problems in the US. I think his motives are driven by the greater good and not by his own career. That is my impression of him and we did get coverage of the debates here and I watched them. Trouble is, he’s just a man and he can’t solve all of these issues alone; or overnight. I’m sure I speak for most Canadians when I say, my heart is with you through these trying financial times, but we know the US will make the changes it needs to, as it always has and always will, and will overcome these trying times. Stay strong. You are a powerhouse big brother :)

  • Zack

    Snow, violence existed long before video games and movies. We must hold
    people accountable for their actions, not video games, movies and guns.

    The sad truth is that there are way too many criminals with guns in the US. There is no way that they are all going to give up their guns. It is just not going to happen, so stricter gun laws just make it more difficult to protect yourself and family from criminals.

    Police cannot be everywhere all the time. They clean up and investigate. If someone is robbing me at gun point, or breaking into my home, I can’t just say “Time out! let me call the police and let’s wait for them to show up and stop you because I cannot” Reality does not work that way… Criminals do not care about the laws. Almost all gun crimes are done by people who have illegally obtained the gun they used. This means that they broke the laws that don’t work in the first place to commit the bigger crime. There are 20,000 gun laws on the books now. How will more help when criminals disregard them in the first place.

    Why did Chicago hit 500 murders this year? Because criminals know that it is illegal to protect yourself with a gun. Good guys are easy targets. It is a sad undeniable truth, that has been proven all over, time and time again.

  • HAL

    @DVCPRO:disqus Sorry Snow, rarely I disagree. This country will never get better with the political system we have. Every election we hear, “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago”? Evidently those re-electing Obama thought it did. In my long lifetime, the answer has ALWAYS been NO. For the last 2 years, Social Security gave no increase, this year it’s 1.7 percent. When did a politician ever get a 1.7 percent pay increase? A little common sense: How long can it take to correct this Trillion dollad debt nonsense? It’s all a game, this money doesn’t exist, it’s just numbers stored in a computer system. Taxing the rich and taking from the working people is just part of the farce that we’re brainwashed with.

    BTW: Until recently I didn’t realize you were Canadian. Before I met my wife, I was crazy about a Canadian girl, one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.

  • SNOW

    I agree Zack. People must be held accountable. The answer is not simple. But, all I can tell you is that here, we do not live in fear of gun crimes. They are uncommon here and when they do happen, the police ‘always’ get them and they are jailed. Maybe it is that there is less crime for the police to be dealing with that makes them more available to us when crime occurs? If I called the police right now, they would be here in about 2 minutes. Is it possible that because there are so many guns in the US, there is more crime because of them? More than the police can now handle? Which makes you need guns to protect yourselves? Vicious circle?

  • SNOW

    Yes, I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to make changes due to the nature of your governments’ structure. Maybe that is the change that needs to happen to prevent the kind of gridlock that happens when someone like Obama tries to make positive changes. I’d imagine social security went up 1.7 percent because that was the inflation rate that year. This mess will not get cleaned up overnight. And, the US has spent a tonne of cash on military, and thank god they did in many cases. The world is a better place because of the US imo. It appears that the people are getting fed up with politicians and they will begin to put tremendous pressure on them for change at some point and that is when things will begin to turn around hopefully.