Two leftover sprouts make £100 for charity on eBay after magician auctions them for a joke | Mail Online.jpg

You can sell anything on eBay.

Or at least that was the conversation around the Allam family dinner table on Christmas Day. Which is where the youngest, a 21-year-old magician named Dan got the idea to offer his two uneaten Brussels Sprouts on the auction site with all money raised going to the Make A Wish foundation.

The listing became popular and ended at £100.

Allam, pleased to see his joke would make a positive impact for a good cause was none the less surprised.

‘Within an hour I had received 15 emails and then it just escalated. I thought I would only raise £1 but the bids are now at £100. It is great for the charity.’

Cheers to you Dan! In his honor here’s some video of Allam in action: