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Keith Barry has been linked to a few Irish athletes who hope to gain insight from him to get a clearer focus and competitive advantage. One such jock is pro badminton player Scott Evans.

The methods Barry used to put Evans’ mind at ease are unknown. What is known is how he delivered them: laced with casual f-bombs. Evans is apparently known for his foul mouth and Barry was of a like mind. Which in the end, made all the difference for Evans who’d apparently searched for years to find someone he could talk to on a comfortable level.

“So he starts chatting and he’s like, ‘Right you go into this point and you’re going to f—–g mill it and you’re going to f—–g do this and f—–g do that’. The way he said it was brilliant. I almost started laughing.”

As he listened to Barry, a stream of colourful language rushing from his mouth, he felt instantly comfortable, almost like it was an echo of himself. He thought back to all the years he’d spent struggling to find himself, the army of sports psychologists he’d visited since he was 12, none of them ever sounding like Barry, none of them ever able to make a connection in the same way.

How Barry helped him is really a inspirational story and we hesitate to ruin it here. Pretty good f—–g job by him.

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