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Dynamo is an ascending star on UK television and had a banner year in 2012. But has his newfound success included telekinesis with which he can affect sporting events?

His hometown squad of Bradford beat favorites Arsenal after a Gunner kicker missed a decisive penalty kick. And Dyanmo says fans can thank him later

‘I definitely like to think I had a little input. My main focus last night was the match even though I was on stage [at the time] doing the biggest show of my career,’ said Dynamo in an interview with the Daily Mail.

‘I wanted to get off stage to see Bradford. It was all I could think about, I was willing my team to win.’

‘I’d like to think Thomas Vermaelen missing that penalty could’ve been something to do with me.’

We encourage Dynamo to let his fans know in advance which games he’s going to fix so we can cash in.