Penguin LIVE lectures are now part of Choose Five for $99!

It’s been called the best deal in magic, and now Choose Five for $99 is not only back — it’s BETTER THAN EVER.


Why? Because there is SO MUCH MORE TO CHOOSE FROM. We’ve been busy adding HOT new items to the list for the last 30 days.

The deal is simple and awesome:

Choose any FIVE products from our LOOOOOONG list for only $99. These HIGHLY rated products range from $30 all the way up to $100 EACH – and yeah, you get FIVE of them.


Some of my ABSOLUTE favorite titles are on the list:

Harry Anderson Penguin LIVE
The Hole by Peter Eggink
Flash by Chad Long

Stitched by Alex Kolle
Woody Aragon Penguin LIVE
..and so much more!

* Yes you can order Choose Five more than once. Many magicians have.

Now through New Year’s Day, you can CHOOSE FIVE any which way you like. TREAT YOURSELF, or use it to do your holiday shopping. You can order Choose Five more than once, and many magicians already have:


Have fun choosing :)

Acar Altinsel
born to perform.