• http://about.me/lnz LeonimuZ

    Are you sure it wasn’t an accident? What the host is saying is “get off camera” which is a way of saying go to ads and trying to extinguish the fire. Also the host seems really concerned the whole time, he says at one point “I got nervous”.

  • Josh

    Seriously a WTF moment. I’m glad to hear that he’s recovering and safe. Also glad to hear that he’s working with lawyers and hopefully that MF will go to jail for a little while. Who was that guy and what was his problem? He was the “host” and “director”, but why? Then he came over to check on him? Really?

  • Magic Mike

    Don’t want to come across as insensitive and hope all is ok with Wayne, but a couple episodes into this and have something stupid, careless, and unprofessional happen like this. Makes you appreciate MindFreak with over 100 episodes of crazy demonstrations far more dangerous than this with no one harmed. Must give kudos to CA and his team for that.

  • http://about.me/lnz LeonimuZ

    Disregard my previous comment.

  • HAL

    Hey Snow: I hope that wasn’t you operating the camera.

  • Jose Ruiz

    The guy filming says that he knew that the man was going to do something crazy.

  • Alex from Germany

    what a f***ing idiot!!!

  • HAL

    @3f1be495cbb49d386ebb6452912d9197:disqus Are you kidding? The only danger in Mindfake is if the computer crashed. Dangerous demonstrations, there’s more danger cutting your toenails.

  • Magician

    It just confuses me how he sets his head on fire and why the other 2 just stand there unfazed…

  • deetee
  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    This is the last CA comment I am approving in this thread.

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung


  • karmamagician

    If someone reaches for my face I react ….I’m sorry he experienced this and its horrible but his reaction time was way off for most humans…stunt gone wrong as I saw it…then again performing in countries where people believe magic has its own challenges…may the universe give him a speedy recovery.

  • SNOW

    Yeah, when you think about it. What is the better thing to do? continue recording or stop to help with the others? I’m sure his lawyers will be happy the camera continued rolling, but I think I would have dropped the camera and reacted to help him instinctively.

  • Maux Magic

    The way the fire is started looks like some sort of a gimmick. It is too sudden to deploy. I suspect it had been planned as a stunt, and maybe/maybe not it went wrong.