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Party Hard rocker Andrew WK will plug his keyboard into the tesla coils currently surging a million volts of electricity through David Blaine and rock out for those watching live and online.

“This is absolutely a once in a lifetime musical experience and probably the most dangerous musical instrument ever created! I’m absolutely electrified and terrified by the opportunity to play a keyboard solo with so much energy, and to use this incredibly powerful device to send a musical surge through David’s brain!”

You can watch db get shocked right now! Or anytime until Sunday night by heading over to

  • SNOW

    ‘Right again’ you are Hal; copy, copy, copy these days. This was done by Arc Attack on America’s Got Talent. Here:
    and then here back in 2010

  • HAL

    @DVCPRO:disqus Isn’t this how they brought Frankenstein to life back in 1931? That’s who they’re really copying from? This isn’t really a magic performance.

  • Emerson

    This is not a copy they work together! do your research before say things on the internet!

  • LOVEmagic

    Criss Angel was the first magician to use the Tesla Coil in 2005 season 1 of Mindfreak – a true visionary!

  • Exitmat

    Blaine did not copy Arc Attack. He collaborated with them on this stunt. There’s a video up documenting it:

    And another here:

    Know your facts before you jump to conclusions and make yourself look a fool.

  • SNOW

    That video was published on Youtube the same day I posted my comment making it a little extreme to expect me to have known about it prior to commenting. But, besides, it’s not my job to show or know that he collaborated and didn’t copy one of the most well known groups who performed this on AGT…it was DBs job to make that known. Maybe if that were the first video published by them, it would have been the first video posted on iTricks. However, after seeing this video, I commend him for openly giving credit to Arc Attack.

  • HAL

    @DVCPRO:disqus This was done by a guy on the Ed Sullivan show, I guess in the 60′s. His hair stood straight up. There’s a video on youtube where a guy connects 144 9-volt batteries in series and shorts them out. The spark lights up the whole room.

  • HAL

    WHAT? Criss Angel was the first to do ANYTHING original. I guess the world will end in December. The first mistake here was calling him a magician.

  • Michael

    Electricity demonstrations and acts go way back, before Sullivan. I’m pretty sure there were people screwing around with Tesla coils when Maskelyne and Devant were playing the Egyptian Hall. Before that, “lecturers” would stimulate dead animal limbs with electricity (part of the inspiration for Shelley’s modern day Prometheus, actually) with varying amounts of educational material attached to the performance.