Harry Levy now knows his punishment for a nearly two-year fraud where he charged $560,000 on a regular customers credit card and then mislead investigators when confronted about it.

A U.S. District Court judge sentenced Levy to two years in prison. His lawyer unsuccessfully argued that Levy should be able to serve a combination of house arrest, halfway house and probation.

Levy will also be required to pay restitution to the victim.

  • tricky

    WOW!!!!! that’s it ,makes me wont to go steel $560,000 Dollars

  • tricky

    makes me want , sorry

  • HAL

    This is a tricky situation. How long did it take the ‘customer’ to realize that much money had disappeared?

  • Canki

    As far as I read a while ago, his client is a very wealthy man who bought lots of magic and didn’t keep record of the actual money he spent. Apparently his accountant or his secretary made him notice that there was way too much money disappearing (pun intended).

  • Canki

    I don’t know the laws in the US. Is he actually having to spend time in a prison (besides to having to compensate for the money he stole)? In my country any sentence up to two years is sort of conditional, there are some limits to your freedom (travels and suchlike) and the authorities keep a close eye en you. How’s it there?