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After wrapping up the second season of his Magician Impossible on Watch, UK magician Dynamo is now turing to the world of literature. His new book Nothing Is Impossible: The Real Life Adventures of a Street Magician is now available for pre-order.

Here is the description:

“I immersed myself in magic. I read every book I could get my hands on and practised and practised, day after day and night after night. Magic became my world…some might say an obsession.”

When you’re a kid life can seem tough; tougher for some than others. But the darkest of times can be the most enlightening, and in the case of Steven Frayne from a rundown estate in Bradford this couldn’t be truer.

When his late grandfather showed him magic for the first time, Steven knew there was more to life than hiding from bullies. He had a destiny. A calling. In that moment Dynamo was born: the most exciting magician of the 21st Century.

Since then, Dynamo has shocked, thrilled and amazed men, women and children, from all walks of life, all over the world. With his mind-blowing illusions, he has catalysed a whole new era of magic.

Now, in his very first book, Dynamo invites you to join him on a breathtaking journey across the globe. Be prepared to levitate Lindsay Lohan in Singapore, transform snow into diamonds in the Austrian Mountains, and walk on water across the River Thames. Along the way, he reveals how to make the impossible possible; what it takes to pull off the greatest stunts man has seen and why everyone needs magic in their lives.

This is no illusion. This is the real story of Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

The book will be available September 27th.

  • FLGirl

    He is still dealing with bullies…just now they have more money a platform and called Criss Angel! Go Dynamo

  • Guest

    Are you serious. This guy doesn’t have a creative bone in his body. He uses consultants from CA and blatantly steals and rips off CA’s and others material. Only difference CA aired his stuff years ago and this douche is presenting it now as his own. Why doesn’t Dynashmo just steal something of yours so you can see what it feels like.

  • HAL

    Are you serious? If he stole anything from CA, that makes it a double theft. Angel stole from DC, and many others, and you should know “Mindfake” wasn’t a magic show. How many of these tricks he’s selling on ‘Magicplace’ are Angels? The only smart consultant of Angel is Joe Monti, who knew when to get out.
    DC changes a motorcycle into 2 girls, Angel changes it to 3 girls.
    DC escapes imploding bldg., Angel escapes imploding bldg.
    DC floats over Grand Canyon, Angel jumps Grand Canyon.
    You’re right, Angel is really creative. The only creative bone in Angel’s body is in his pants.

  • Snow

    He isn’t too bright with that either. I just had to say that lol. I’m bad.

  • LanceBurtonMMFan
  • Hal’s Pal

    Thanks LanceBurtonMMF for coming up with a side by side version of this douche’s (Dynashmo’s) blatant steeling of CA for his own personal gain. If anyone feels otherwise, then let the come up with their own version of a side by side video such as LBMMF. Dynashmo and his team, which at one time was CA’s team, has no creative ideas of their own individually or collectively, Hal and Snow, since you are now bonded together ceremoniously for all time and all to know, the both of you together are to be taken as serious as Copperfield’s so called pathetic career the last few years (lol), which will only surmise that Snow has been dispelled as a scurrilous and impossible yet rejected “suitor” to CA, that must have been overlooked as a “homely” girl passed by for a younger and more attractive young lady. That explains Snow’s recent scorn and disdain towards CA . For all other’s, Hal is an escaped patient of the American Medical Association of Psychiatric Care and should be treated/looked at as such.
    Hal’s favorite pal!

  • HAL

    @Hal’s Pal: As Snow has said, you are totally ignorant about the whole situation. I have been in contact with her for a few years now through e-mail and iTricks. Unlike so many here, she has never said a bad word about me or anyone. We’ve always considered each others views with respect and without the stupid name calling. She has much knowledge about the video business. To classify her as you do, simply because she may agree with me shows how ignorant you are.
    As for you comment about LanceBurtom MMF: The video he supplied shows Dynamo stealing from CA. To look at the video makes it appear true.
    However, there’s one problem with it: Please follow along. Every trick the video claims Dynamo stole comes from what CA did on “MINDFREAK”. If you noticed, at the beginning of every “MINDFREAK” Angel claims..”STUNTS and ILLUSIONS “”"CREATED”"” by Criss Angel. If this was true, there’s only two possibilities….. Either Criss SOLD or GAVE these tricks to Dynamo, or Dynamo must be a GENIUS to figure out Angel’s methods to do them. Also, Dynamo isn’t the only one who walked on water, there’s an unknown kid about 14, with a video. Also, trickbusters have a video walking on water. I can also think of a trick Angel stole from Trickbusters. The did ‘Arrow through body’, Angel did it months later on ‘MINDFREAK’. I guess he designed that too. Sorry ‘PAL’, your claims just don’t add up. Look at some facts, and try again.

  • ClockSUCKER

    Facts are facts. Prior to Criss Angel name one magician who performed the following tricks: walked on water, cell phone in bottle, lean back Matrix, walk down or up a building… You can’t cause no one did in the world of magic-Criss spent countless hours and lots of money creating and bringing them to the public besides his obvious image and A&E campaign! Criss NEVER claimed to invent everything but many of the over 100 demos he has. DnyaTHIEF is exactly what he is and magicians should be angry but obviously not cause he’s the number one guy in the world – so everyone wants to take a swipe at the biggest and most successful name in magic today! Say what you will but its 100% true and this would not be ok if it were anyone other magicians shame on you!

  • HAL

    Again, you talk from your posterior. First, he isn’t and never will be 1st in the world. Remember a guy called Copperfield, who just got the “King of Magic” award, who’s worth 8 times what Angel is. THAT’S A FACT, check it out. Copperfield could buy Angel and wear him on a chain around his neck. He didn’t invent the Matrix trick. It does say at the beginning of “MINDFAKE” Created by Angel, FACT. He hasn’t been in the ‘Vegas Top Ten’ for at least 8 months, I guess they lie about sales. P&T, Dion, Beatles, Fator, Matt King, must all be selling more than your fake idol. And need I point out how he got where he is, the biggest fraud in magic history called “MINDFREAK”. Ignorance and gullibility made him what he is. Then the reviews, 90% say his show SUCKS. Then there’s his internet show, where he has everybody else doing the magic, he just stands there with half dressed girls and curses a lot. The man is a piece of garbage, fame went to his head, and he cares about nobody but Angel. Got rid of the girl who stuck with him for 15 years as soon as he had money, give me a break. Your choice of people to idolize is about as good as thinking this clown could invent anything. Without the technology today, his biggest trick would be pulling quarters from kids ears.
    And guess what genius…Even this ‘clocksucker’ can tell you how he walks on water, puts the phone in the bottle, the Matrix, walks up a building, and 100 other jokes that he calls magic.

  • ClockSUCKER

    What a clockSUCKER Love how your post has nothing to do with answering a simple question…. Name who performed walk up wall, matrix, cell phone in bottle or WALK on water in magic before Criss? CHECKMATE DoucheSUCKER

  • Tim

    Very good point sir. Walked on water was performed by many magicians including Andre Kole
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGFHQpuXbjQ and even Barry and Stuart
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpW5Mdp2pOw . Cell phone in bottle was released as ‘Behold the Scarabaeus’ before Criss did it, the Matrix levitation was invited by Danny Cole and Cyril got Danny’s permission to perform it on his special ‘Revolution’
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1d4ek_cyril-takayama-matrix_fun before Criss did it on TV. But Criss was the first magician (I’m aware of) to do the walking up the side of the building (well, down), in his Supernatural special.

  • HAL

    I hope this gets posted, because I believe I’m not giving away any magic methods. Just an example of how Angel works. Because Angel may have done something first, doesn’t make it a “MAGIC” performance. Remember his statement, “I won’t do a demonstration unless I can do it live”. Politicians couldn’t hand out more BS.
    Before you go on your next rant, do me a favor.

    Go on youtube, and view the ‘Walk up the Luxor’ video. Turn the volume up. During the walk, you’ll hear a guy say, “O’H MY GOD, THIS IS AWESOME”. You will hear this exact same piece of audio THREE TIMES during the walk. Not the guy saying it three times, but the SAME PIECE OF AUDIO THREE TIMES. Ask yourself, why is it necessary to augment the audio in a supposed trick that he claims is “AS YOU SEE IT”. There are also two people you see twice in the video, on two different sides of the Luxor. I guess they ran to the other side during the walk, and the cameraman like their faces. I can’t go into all the other flaws with this “Demonstration”, It’s in reality a “Demonstration” of how gullible YOU are. These things you claim are a first are not magic, just a disgrace to the ART.
    of magic. You’re just to ignorant to realize it.

    As for this Dynamo obsession you have: I don’t follow Dynamo. Until recently, I didn’t even know who he was. If he copies Angel, it’s his problem. The guy who made this Dynamo copies Angel video could just as easy make an Angel copies Copperfield video. Remember….changing motorcycles into girls, Grand Canyon float, imploding building escape, sawed in half. There is a video of this on youtube also. There’s very little that Angel does, that even a non-magician clocksucker can’t figure out.

  • Snow

    Thank you Hal (curtsy). Also, I’ve wondered what went on in this case… Note the videos I’m posting below. One is by Mr. Maybe and one is by CA. I’m rather curious about Gutbuster and I suppose Levitation as well that are both apparently by Mr. Maybe and yet appear on Mindfreak. I’m trying to figure out who copied who or was this invented by yet someone else prior to both of them? Because, as you’ve said, at the beginning of Mindreak it says that all stunts are created by CA, so does that mean that Mr. Maybe copied CA?… or did CA get permission from Mr. Maybe to perform Gut Buster I wonder? Here I go again…being Det. Snow lol

  • Snow

    Here’s the links: Mr. Maybe’s version
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMPeKBXtOTY and CA version

  • HAL

    @Tim: Thanks so much, I was looking for this info, but couldn’t find it. I think Angels creativity could be listed on a postage stamp. He takes a trick, changes it slightly, and claims it’s his. How much of this cheapo stuff on ‘Magicplace’ did he have anything to do with? He puts his picture on a deck of cards, and every trick is his. All of a sudden they’re not tricks, they’re ‘Mindfreaks’. And people buy this crap. Cups and Balls, which I’m sure he created..but, they’re official Angel cups, and for the balls?

  • Mark

    TIM your facts are incorrect… Kole NEVER walked on water, he stood and NEVER took a step! Criss was the first to do in a real world environment, furthermore name one person who has walked down a wall or up one before Criss did in Supernatural 2002? And once again your facts are incorrect regarding the matrix which was created by Criss in early 2000 and was built by Bob North in Vegas which was originally shot in 2004! Your way off… furthermore can you explain the iconic pose/image that Criss brought to magic or the a&e campaign that was ripped off as well… This is NOT a coinicidance but rather a calculated effort of watching the over 200,000,000 views of Criss’ most popular youtube clips (btw the most watched magician in internet history) and stealing specific demos in an attempt to bring fame and fortune without having to go through the time, money, energy and pain staking task of creation as Criss and his team had to in order to achieve unparalleled success. If someone performed DC’s statue of liberty vanish the magic world would be up in arms denouncing that magician but since Criss is #1 everyone whose not a pro wants to take a shot… sad state of frustrated magicians…

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    The Arm Through Body performed by Criss is a totally different method than Gut Buster

  • HAL

    I really don’t understand why you claim Criss is #1? As I said, he’s never in the TOP 10 Vegas list, the only time we hear about him is when he does something ridiculous that has nothing to do with magic (Getting engaged, getting arrested, etc.) He hasn’t been on TV lately, Copperfield just got the award. He thinks he’s #1, #2 might apply. The only way to stay in the spotlight is to come up with things like ‘Magicplace’, renting out magicians, selling other peoples tricks because he can get away with it. What kind of a jerk are you defending here?
    We can’t go into details here, but you tell me..How much of “Mindfreak” was really magic? What percentage of the show was done as you would see it live? NOT TOO MUCH. Can you honestly, as a magician deny this. He may be OK with card tricks and sleight of hand, but his big ‘Demonstrations’ are a farce. Amateurs producing cheap, flawed videos for a TV show. Professional video people laugh at these failed attempts that the gullible buy.

    As for doing the Statue of Liberty: Of course nobody would because it’s an original. No one will do “Flying, Portal, Wall of China, etc., etc., because they’re done so well. Compare these to walking on a swimming pool, levitating for one building to another, Grand Canyon to a cage in 3 seconds. Does ANYBODY really believe he could do these LIVE?

    Penn Gillette was a guest on Chelsey Handler. She asked him, “Is this guy (Criss Angel) a real magician”? His answer was, He’s an “I Dream of Genie’ magician. Penn doesn’t lie.

  • HAL

    @1bcb8ca64021df6dd90480e68a54c3ad:disqus You suck as a chess player, as well as having any worthwhile knowledge. The who did it before Criss has been answered by Tim already. Angel obviously did release sales in the past, he USED to be on the Top 10. Maybe dropping sales is a reason to discontinue? Explain how embarrassing it was to have FOX news expose his ‘Implosion’ joke right after it aired. He should have resigned as a magician after that. A&E actually re-ran it so the other half of the viewers could see how bad it was. Did you see any edits in DC’s ‘implosion’? A “REAL” continuous shot. Statue, ditto. Orient Express, ditto. Wall of China, ditto. The only ‘continuous shots’ angel has are in his bourbon glasses. Can you honestly compare “Flying” to any of Angels stupid attempts to make you believe he really does this crap?

    Angel does have some attributes that apply only to him: Mother ctying on TV..”BooHoo, will he make it”? Advertisement for elevator shoes. Mr. T impersonator. Sells junk on the internet.

  • http://twitter.com/TimEllisMagic Tim Ellis

    Mark. Look at the link on my post and you’ll see Andre Kole, not only walking (ie taking steps) on a lake outdoors, but also using Angel’s ‘iconic’ pose

    As for the walking up a wall, I conceded that one to Criss, but you a very, very wrong about the Matrix levitation. Danny Cole came up with the effect and Cyril modified it to be a ‘Matrix’ effect with Danny’s permission. Neither Dynamo or Criss have permission, nor do the many other performers or the people selling gimmicks have permission. Danny no longer grants anyone permission to that effect.

    Maybe Dynamo DID copy Criss’s effect. I have a feeling the TV network insisted he do “those tricks that Criss did” as part of a deal to get the show. I know TV execs in Australia think the same way.

    My point is that though Criss can get upset that he was copied, he CANNOT claim that those were HIS tricks when he either copied or bought them from other people.

  • Snow

    This is a little too close for comfort for Mrs. Maybe ;) I mean, it’s the same presentation with a guy coming up behind someone and sticking their hand through his back. They are both wearing suit jackets and button shirts. The hand passes on the right side of the assistant. He pushes through and then pulls out. How could this be different? Modify it ever so slightly and then it’s different? Would you not still give credit to the creator or did Mr. Maybe not create it originally giving CA full rein to use it at will? Is this one of those ‘open’ to claim tricks? Because if Mr. Maybe did create this… CA’s version is far too close to have not asked for permission or paid to use it. First signs of Gut Buster seem to be 5 years ago on YTB. Speculating that Mr. Maybe developed it, and I’m speculating…then it probably took him a year prior to flesh out the idea and create the DVD and bring it to market, which would make the effect actually 6 years old minimum. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the CA version I showed was actually in season 2 of MF making it ‘appear’ that Mr. Maybe created this and it has been copied …(cough-modified)…and then performed on MF. Unless…Mr. Maybe was paid for the use, then I’d be okay with it. Donning my Det. Snow hat…there seems to be only four possible scenarios here. 1) Mr. Maybe created the effect and granted it’s use and was compensated in some way. 2) CA modified it and used it and basically stole it supporting Hal’s claims. 3) Mr. Maybe actually developed it ‘after’ CA showed it on MF and is the actual copycat or finally…4) The effect is a bazillion years old and therefore no one can lay claim to it. Am I allowed to know this?

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    You are barking up the wrong tree Snow. There is a massive key difference in the effects. Arm through body effects have been done before but Gut Buster was very unique in a key respect.

  • HAL

    @twitter-86669260:disqus I don’t think this guy will ever admit to anything negative about Angel. Grand Canyon jump, disappearing from cycle in explosion, disappearing in front of SUV, swimming faster than dolphins, catching scarf from roof, walk up Luxor, levitation vanish, pulling woman in half, disappearing under trash can, building to building levitation, (and on and on and on) What do all these have in common? Answer: All you have to do is look at the videos, see all the flaws and mistakes in them, and realize he CAN’T POSSIBLY DO THEM LIVE AS YOU SEE THEM. How ‘Mindfake is classified as a magic show is beyond my reasoning. The FCC should step in an call this false advertising. Some ridiculous tricks that come to mind is rolling up manhole cover, and levitating same. These go down to the 4 year old level.

    Thanks again for providing some valid info. Maybe we should see if Angel invented the cotton gin, discovered electricity, and the clapper?

  • moses4

    I reckon dynamo is pshcic and he has a REALLY strong mind like god himself had and we all have the ability to do what he does. period.

  • Sualak Bhushan

    I don,t think that dynamo is a human being I think he is an alien from another planet He has some special powers given by god to him and I also think that his grand father had telled him some awesome magic tricks…….

  • Shubham

    You’re best in all magician. I have nothing to say about you my best friend.

  • dyn
  • keanu

    dynamo you ROCK!!! i wish i can be like you i really do

  • Kandic Marko

    I am from Montenegro how i can buy this book :D

  • Disgusted

    I find it insulting that Dynamo calls himself a Magician. The 5% of things he does well are far outweighed by the 95% of things he does horribly wrong. Stooges and Set-ups all done so sloppily that the illusion is broken. “the most exciting magician of the 21st Century”??? Who got paid to write that? Only way that would be true is if he actually could magic the people he steals his tricks off to dissappear.

  • Ant
  • Tyler McKnight

    Sorry to break this to you, but it’s all fake Moses4. In EVERY single one of the tricks you’ve seen, there is always a gimmick, a trick, that is used to make the “illusion” look real. Magic is not real….sorry to be the one to break it to you but you should read a physics book.