Alex Stone was on CBS This Morning to promote his new book Fooling Houdini. Anchor Erica Stone must have gotten a little caught up in the magic when she asks him to demonstrate the trick that famously fooled “Henry Houdini”.

Check out the 2:10 mark or so.

The lessor known Houdini, Henry (Hank to his friends), was a sandwich artist in Bayonne, New Jersey. He is consistently amazed by the ambitious card routine. During the revelation, he has been known to scream, “In all my years as a sandwich artist I’ve never seen such sorcery!”

Well, not really, but for some reason the name Henry Houdini is really funny to us right now.

  • John Cox

    And no correction from Mr. Stone…

  • Anonymous

    Yet another trying to make a buck with exposing instead of creating. 

  • Linda

    This guy’s brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. And the news anchors look ridiculous for their lack of correct research.

  • Magician in Portland, OR

    This is just sad to say the least. Both Ricky Jay and Jamy Ian Swiss tore Stone a new one in their reviews of his book. It goes way beyond the exposure unfortunately, with blatant lies and inaccurate information littered throughout the book.

    Since magic is such and “unknown” subject to the lay, people like him can get away with this crap. If it was another subject I don’t think he would be on any talk shows or able to sell copies of the book because he would have been exposed as a fraud right out of the gate…