keith barry fail escape spit manager.png

Apologies in advance for the slightly sensational headline.

Keith Barry gave some more details on his dangerously botched escape last Friday to Apparently, the manager who raced up on stage to help him got a face full of spit for his trouble.

“I blacked out from lack of oxygen.”

“I did black out and it was real and because it’s a real challenge.”

The show’s crew desperately went to Barry’s rescue when they realised the trick had gone wrong.

“The curtain apparently came slowly down while my manager ripped the cling film off my face and I came too and quite literally, I know this sounds terrible because people didn’t see this but I just started spitting all over him and spluttering all over him,” Barry continued.

Although this certainly isn’t proof on if it was a planned stunt or not, we’d like to believe if it was staged Barry still spit on his manager for authenticity sake.