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Four magicians, a bunch of random dollar store props and a living room competition in front of a pack of magic-jaded Las Vegas locals. This magic-infused version of Chopped pitting theory11′s Rick Lax and Sin City magician Jimmy Fingers against iTricks favorite Bizzaro and nerd illusionist Kyle Marlett is way worth the time of anyone reading this.

Not only did these guys, along with host Justin Flom get the form and function of these reality shows they created a really engrossing competition around magic creativity.

Furthermore: who are the next contestants?

UPDATE: we got some added insight into the video from Rick Lax, click AFTER THE JUMP to see them.

From Mr. Lax…

1) Both teams kicked ass and accomplished the goal of creating
original magic with unknown props.
2) This idea has been in my head for years and I was so happy to
finally make it happen.
3) Justin Flom not only hosted, he also directed and edited. And
additional filming was done by Jocelynn (his wife) and Janelle (his
4) The judges deliberated for a long time. Really long. They were
fighting, apparently. We needed to wrap up, but they just kept going.
Was annoying at the time, but also refreshing that they took their
jobs so seriously.

  • ricklax

    “magic-infused version of Chopped” indeed. I’ve been DVR-ing that show for a month now. Holy crap Food Network plays it A LOT. In other news, congrats to the winners here. The judges deliberated for a LONG time, I will point out. 

  • Jimmy Fingers

    Yes, the judges were more competitive than the participants could have EVER mustered up! We were pretty sure what effects Bizz and Kyle were going to conjure up when we saw the props, so we decided to go a different direction, and it really paid off. I feel really good about what we came up with, but I’m thinking, for the sake of the entertainment value of the show, that there be a pool of 10-12 different, unique items given out, and the teams can trade props between themselves after they’re distributed. That way, there won’t be too much potential for repetition of the same effects/routines. There are a limited number of things that can be done with 5 or 6 duplicated items, and I would expect a lot of redundancy in the current format.

  • Roccomagicman

    wow i cant wait for the next episode! this is what magic needs more of! magic melt down and wizard wars is awsome!

  • Bizzaro Galore

    I also want to point out this was more real than ANY reality TV show out there.

  • ricklax

    Hey Rocco. Glad you enjoyed. :) We’ve talked about doing this again…but what we really want is for some proper producer to step in and help us make some hour-long episodes of this thing. It works in my apartment, for sure, but it’d be great to do this on a proper set. 

  • Tim

    Check out MagicSports for more games along these lines. We played a tournament at FISM Stockholm years ago that was a huge success and a producer here in Australia tried to pitch a tv series as well. It’s great fun and the perfect way to get creative and come up with new effects

  • Ricklax

    Hey Tim. I will look into it. I know Bizzaro said he’d participated in a similar event a few years back, where magicians were giving a paper back filled with stuff to use, like glue and tape….

  • Writeme

    I loved it and thought all did a great job. I’m friends with 3 of the 4 participants and was on the fence with who I would have voted for as both had great routines. I would love to see more of this.

  • Snow

    …and that’s what made it good. As soon as you start to try to give this more production value, try to control and script it too much, you will lose what made this little ep good….it was real and fun and completely conveyed the essence of magicians at all levels of success. I think keeping this as an informal, unpredictable, unscripted, completely honest skit bit will make people watch. The length was just right imo. Different magi’s every time and yes, I agree with Jimmy that there is the potential for repetition with each having the same props. I’d offer a selection and they get to pick one each, one at a time before they have had time to plan ahead. They would have to pick props without even knowing what the next prop they would get would be and then after picking the allotted amount of props, they must then create a routine. Better still would be to have lay people pick their props from the dollar store lol.

  • Ricklax

    I hear ya, Snow. But here’s the thing: It looked informal and fun, but it was actually a TON of work to pull this off. I worked for a long time to play this, and Justin edited for a super-long time, too. That’s part of the reason we’d be looking for somebody to pick this idea up, as opposed to doing it like this again. 

  • Bizzaro Galore

     I think the same props but ONE unique prop to each group that the other does not have.

  • Bizzaro Galore

     PCAM Bag o’ Tricks Challenge.

  • Snow

    Yes, I’m aware of the work. I’ve done it many times and I completely understand not being able to justify it without receiving compensation. That’s why I got out of it. Entertainment budget here in Canada is pretty much nonexistent. What I meant was that I wouldn’t touch the formula. I think you guys hit it bang on. It was very entertaining given that it was reality and you could tell there wasn’t much in the way of direction and scripting. I’m sure there was some, but not much and that came across, which gets the viewer invested. The editing was very well done as well. However, I think this will unfortunately only be interesting to watch repeatedly by magicians despite that. It’s very insider. Hopefully, you can find someone who is in the business who would benefit from magicians as an audience and would want to monetize that audience because for magi’s its a fun little show for sure! And, I can see watching different episodes to appreciate the creativity of different magicians and get a laugh from their ideas and trials before their performing the masterpiece lol. It seems like a show by magicians, for magicians, so I can’t see this being mainstream. I hope you get some funding. I’d definitely watch with this formula. No acting, just magicians doing what they do….create.

  • Snow

    Yes, that would work too as long as everyone received props of equal possibility or someone could say the problem was that they didn’t get a great ‘extra’ prop and that is why they lost, but all in all the premise of the show is very light and fun and friendly and only lightly competitive, so really that probably wouldn’t be a problem and the wining about the props might be funny actually ;)