Abramovic Blaine artist is present.jpg

Legendary performance artist Marina Abramović reveals in a new documentary that her most recent installation, where she stared down all comers for three months at the Manhattan Museum of Art wasn’t her first draft.

She had an original, gorier, plan involving David Blaine.

The revelation comes in HBO’s new documentary on Abramović entitled The Artist is Present.

Did you know that she was considering having illusionist David Blaine pretend to disembowel her at MoMA rather than sitting in a chair for three months staring at people? And that her dealer (the only sensible person in the film, it seems) had to tell her how crazy that was?” (She invites Blaine up to her sleek, SoHo loft for a “little drink.” He eats the wine glass. “Blaine is an ‘illusionist,’ gallerist Sean Kelly explains to the Artist. “Everything you do is about being ‘real’…”)

Blaine was one of those who took a seat opposite Marina to support the artist in her present state.