Toronto News_ Luminato_ Mentalist Banachek predicts Star front page 10 days in advance -

Now this is how you get publicity.

Banachek revealed his June 1st prediction of Saturday’s Toronto Star front page over the weekend. He nailed the biggest stories including race horse I’ll Have Another pulling out of the Belmont stakes and Toronto’s surprise 2024 bid for the Winter Olympics. He even pinned down a few feature stories for good measure.

On June 1, at a public event held at Kiehl’s — a makeup store and, perhaps fittingly, Banachek’s partner-in-illusion — the prediction was folded, taped, and put in numerous envelopes. Customer Diedra Wandel even sealed and signed every envelope that day, eventually placing the package in a glass box in the store’s window, where it supposedly sat untouched for more than a week.

The stunt was reported most visibly by… you guessed it… The Toronto Star. All of which pointed out that his show The Alpha Project was playing at the Luminato festival later that night.

Excellent public demonstration mentalism played to maximum reaction. Well played, good sir.

Credit to Dodd at Magic Newswire where we first saw this.